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Thursday October 08, 2015 @07:12PM Barnes & Noble Has Been Quietly Refreshing Its Nook Hardware
Thursday October 08, 2015 @06:26PM Dell Brings 4K InfinityEdge Display To XPS 15 Line, GeForce GPU, Under 4 Pounds
Wednesday October 07, 2015 @03:35PM Wealth of Personal Data Found On Used Electronics Purchased Online
Tuesday October 06, 2015 @11:27AM From Microsoft, HoloLens VR Dev Kit, New Phones, Continuum
Monday October 05, 2015 @01:25PM On-Chip Liquid Cooling Permits Smaller Devices With No Heatsinks Or Fans
Friday October 02, 2015 @07:42PM Ask Slashdot: Is the Gap Between Data Access Speeds Widening Or Narrowing?
Friday October 02, 2015 @03:15PM Oculus Founder Explains Why the Rift VR Headset Will Cost "More Than $350"
Thursday October 01, 2015 @06:21PM IBM Scientists Find New Way To Shrink Transistors
Thursday October 01, 2015 @09:06AM Apple Bans iFixit Repair App From App Store After Apple TV Teardown
Tuesday September 29, 2015 @02:02PM Google Shows Off 2 New Nexus Phones, a New Pixel, and More
Saturday September 26, 2015 @06:59PM Light-Based Memory Chip Is First To Permanently Store Data
Thursday September 24, 2015 @12:05AM Does It Make Sense To Hand Make Printed Circuit Boards?
Wednesday September 23, 2015 @04:32PM Intel Launches SSD DC P3608 NVMe Solid State Drive With 5GB/Sec Performance
Wednesday September 23, 2015 @10:12AM Nintendo Joins Khronos Group
Tuesday September 22, 2015 @01:19PM NVIDIA Announces GeForce GTX 980 GPU For High-End Gaming Notebooks
Monday September 21, 2015 @03:58PM Ask Slashdot: Recommendations For a Reliable Linux Laptop?
Monday September 21, 2015 @03:57PM Why Hardware Development Takes Longer in the West Than in China (Video)
Sunday September 20, 2015 @09:27AM Hardware Projects (and Pranks) That Have Scared Observers
Saturday September 19, 2015 @05:51PM Microsoft and Others Mean Stiff Competition For Apple iPad Pro
Thursday September 17, 2015 @03:47PM Intel Kills a Top-of-the-Line Processor
Thursday September 17, 2015 @08:58AM iPad Mini-Style Specs, On the Cheap, In Android-Based ASUS ZenPad S 8.0
Wednesday September 16, 2015 @04:38PM Popup Factory Demo at Solid Conference 2015 (Video 1 of 2)
Friday September 11, 2015 @10:28AM The Handheld Analog Computer That Made the Atomic Bomb
Thursday September 10, 2015 @08:42PM Xerox PARC Creates Self-Destructing Chip
Thursday September 10, 2015 @08:14AM Cheap Smartphones Quietly Becoming Popular In the US
Wednesday September 09, 2015 @07:52PM Alienware's X51 R3, Revamped With Skylake and Maxwell, Tested and Torn Down
Wednesday September 09, 2015 @05:17PM Plug In an Ethernet Cable, Take Your Datacenter Offline
Tuesday September 08, 2015 @09:44AM Amazon Reportedly Aiming For the Low End With a Loss-Leader $50 Tablet
Tuesday September 08, 2015 @08:12AM Bugs In Belkin Routers Allow DNS Spoofing, Credential Theft
Monday September 07, 2015 @02:32PM Backdoor Discovered Into Seagate NAS Drives
Friday September 04, 2015 @04:02PM Brady Forrest Talks About Building a Hardware Startup (Video)
Sunday August 30, 2015 @12:53PM AMD's R9 Fury On Open-Source: Prepare for Disappointment, For Now
Saturday August 29, 2015 @06:30PM MIAOW Open Source GPU Debuts At Hot Chips
Friday August 28, 2015 @08:56PM Kenya's iHub Creates Accelerator Program For Tech-Hardware Entrepreneurs
Thursday August 27, 2015 @06:06PM Learn FPGAs With a $25 Board and Open Source Tools
Thursday August 27, 2015 @03:39PM Former Apple CEO Creates an iPhone Competitor
Thursday August 27, 2015 @09:22AM AMD Unveils Radeon R9 Nano, Targets Mini ITX Gaming Systems With a New Fury
Thursday August 27, 2015 @09:13AM Contiki 3.0 Released, Retains Support For Apple II, C64
Thursday August 27, 2015 @08:21AM Who Makes the Decision To Go Cloud and Who Should?
Tuesday August 25, 2015 @08:51AM Backwards S-Pen Can Permanently Damage Note 5
Monday August 24, 2015 @02:56PM The IoT, the MinnowBoard, and How They Fit Into the Universe (Video)
Monday August 24, 2015 @01:13PM Skylake Has a Voice DSP and Listens To Your Commands
Sunday August 23, 2015 @06:47PM Samsung May Release an 18" Tablet
Saturday August 22, 2015 @06:24PM Why Google Wants To Sell You a Wi-Fi Router
Saturday August 22, 2015 @10:19AM Apple Launches Free iPhone 6 Plus Camera Replacement Program
Friday August 21, 2015 @07:31AM Bruce Schneier On Cisco ROMMON Firmware Exploit: "This Is Serious"
Thursday August 20, 2015 @05:32PM NVIDIA Launches $159 Mainstream Maxwell-Based GeForce GTX 950
Thursday August 20, 2015 @12:39PM Regionally Encoded Toner Cartridges 'to Serve Customers Better'
Thursday August 20, 2015 @08:24AM Could the Best Windows 10 Laptop Be a Mac?
Wednesday August 19, 2015 @08:53PM Lightning Wipes Storage Disks At Google Data Center
Wednesday August 19, 2015 @06:08PM Reflection DDoS Attacks Abusing RPC Portmapper
Tuesday August 18, 2015 @12:19PM You Can Have My TIPs When You Pry Them From My Cold, Dead Hands
Tuesday August 18, 2015 @11:40AM Intel Skylake Gen9 Series Graphics Architecture Unveiled
Tuesday August 18, 2015 @08:19AM The Realities of a $50 Smartphone
Monday August 17, 2015 @05:55PM DirectX 12 Performance Tested In Ashes of the Singularity
Saturday August 15, 2015 @12:27AM Motorola Quickly Shows Next Moto 360 Smartwatch, 'Flat Tire' Display Lives On
Friday August 14, 2015 @06:54PM Commodore Smartphone Hits Trademark Opposition
Friday August 14, 2015 @01:11PM 'My Name is C.H.I.P. and I'll Be Your $9 Computer Today' (Video)
Thursday August 13, 2015 @04:03PM Ask Slashdot: Best Big Battery Phone?
Wednesday August 12, 2015 @05:48PM Samsung Unveils V-NAND High Performance SSDs, Fast NVMe Card At 5.5GB Per Second
Friday August 07, 2015 @11:33AM Military Data Center In a Suitcase To Get Commercial Release
Friday August 07, 2015 @07:27AM Researcher Exploits 18-Year-Old Design Flaw To Compromise X86 Chips
Thursday August 06, 2015 @03:25PM Marvell's Kinoma Create Keeps On Creating (Video)
Thursday August 06, 2015 @09:36AM KDE Plasma 5 Problem Traced To Bug In Intel Graphics Driver
Friday July 31, 2015 @07:22PM 10 Years of Intel Processors Compared
Friday July 31, 2015 @06:48AM Why Micron/Intel's New Cross Point Memory Could Virtually Last Forever
Thursday July 30, 2015 @12:20PM Oracle To Debut Low-Cost SPARC Chip Next Month
Thursday July 30, 2015 @09:58AM On Linux, $550 Radeon R9 Fury Competes With $200~350 NVIDIA GPUs
Thursday July 30, 2015 @08:46AM Windows 10 App For Xbox One Could Render Steam Machines Useless
Wednesday July 29, 2015 @07:34PM Replacing Silicon With Gallium Nitride In Chips Could Reduce Energy Use By 20%
Tuesday July 28, 2015 @08:58AM OnePlus Announces OnePlus 2 'Flagship Killer' Android Phone With OxygenOS
Monday July 27, 2015 @09:39PM Project IceStorm Passes Another Milestone: Building a CPU
Monday July 27, 2015 @06:39PM The Factory of the World - Documentary On Manufacturing In Shenzhen
Sunday July 26, 2015 @05:17PM Intel Core I7-5775C Desktop Broadwell With Iris Pro 6200 Graphics Tested
Sunday July 26, 2015 @02:58PM Windows 10's Automatic Updates For NVidia Drivers Causing Trouble
Saturday July 25, 2015 @05:35PM Chinese Consumers Can Now Buy Formerly Banned Consoles, Nationwide
Saturday July 25, 2015 @09:15AM Ask Slashdot: How Do You Store a Half-Petabyte of Data? (And Back It Up?)
Friday July 24, 2015 @08:17PM The Android L Update For Nvidia Shield Portable Removes Features
Thursday July 23, 2015 @08:52AM Experiment: Installing Windows 10 On a 7-Year-Old Acer Aspire One
Thursday July 23, 2015 @08:46AM Experiment: Installing Windows 10 On a 7-Year-Old Acer Aspire One
Wednesday July 22, 2015 @06:02PM 19-Year-Old's Supercomputer Chip Startup Gets DARPA Contract, Funding
Tuesday July 21, 2015 @11:03AM Cray To Build Australia's Fastest Supercomputer
Friday July 17, 2015 @06:32PM Most Comprehensive Study Yet On Environmental Impact of Electric Vehicles
Friday July 17, 2015 @05:54PM Meet "London," Marshall's First Android Smartphone
Thursday July 16, 2015 @07:09AM Lenovo ThinkPad W550s: Heavy, But a Battery That Lasts Nearly All Day
Monday July 13, 2015 @07:39AM For £70,000, You Might Be Able to Own an Enigma
Sunday July 12, 2015 @02:18PM Air-Cooled AMD Radeon R9 Fury Arrives For $100 Less With Fury X-Like Performance
Friday July 10, 2015 @06:31PM Lenovo Will Sell Ubuntu Laptops In India
Friday July 10, 2015 @02:37PM MetaMorph Helps non-Engineers Design Circuits (Video)
Thursday July 09, 2015 @08:05PM OCZ Toshiba Breaks 40 Cent Per GB Barrier With New Trion 100 Series SSD
Thursday July 09, 2015 @10:12AM AMD's Latest Server Compute GPU Packs In 32GB of Memory
Thursday July 09, 2015 @09:21AM IBM Beats The Rest of the World To 7nm Chips, But You'll Need to Wait For Them
Thursday July 09, 2015 @08:40AM Open Compute Project Comes Under Fire
Tuesday July 07, 2015 @01:38PM Two-Pounder From Lenovo Might Be Too Light For Comfort
Tuesday July 07, 2015 @12:24PM Supercomputing Cluster Immersed In Oil Yields Extreme Efficiency
Tuesday July 07, 2015 @10:04AM The IT Containers That Went To War
Friday July 03, 2015 @06:26PM Turing Near Ready To Ship World's First Liquid Metal Android Smartphone
Tuesday June 30, 2015 @12:08PM Nvidia Details 'Gameworks VR', Aims To Boost Virtual Reality Render Performance
Tuesday June 30, 2015 @10:00AM First Fedora Image For the MIPS Available For Testing
Monday June 29, 2015 @12:10AM Chromecast Update Bringing Grief For Many Users
Sunday June 28, 2015 @09:50AM Disney Bans Selfie Sticks
Saturday June 27, 2015 @10:27PM iPhone 6S New Feature: Force Touch
Saturday June 27, 2015 @06:01PM AMD's Project Quantum Gaming PC Contains Intel CPU
Saturday June 27, 2015 @09:18AM AppleCare+ Now Covers Batteries That Drop To 80%
Wednesday June 24, 2015 @03:14PM AMD Radeon R9 Fury X Launched, Independent Benchmarks, HBM Put To the Test
Tuesday June 23, 2015 @08:18AM When Will Your Hard Drive Fail?