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Submission + - Sixteen Years Later: GNU Still Needs an Extension

Unknown Lamer writes: "Fresh from the 2011 GNU
Hackers Meeting, Andy Wingo has written a long piece on the status
of Guile Scheme, the
woefully underutilized official extension language of GNU. Wingo
argues that Guile
is the best choice for extension in GNU given the ability of
Scheme to adapt to change over time. Presented with using
e.g. Javascript instead of Scheme for its popularity: 'We should also
consider the costs of using hastily designed languages. JavaScript has
some crazy bad stuff, like with, var hoisting, a poor numeric model,
dynamic this scoping, lack of modularity regarding binding lookup ... Finally, we have the lifespan issue. If GNU had chosen Tcl because
it was popular, we would have a mass of dead code.' Perhaps after Emacs has been
ported to Guile the philosophy of extension will spread to other
parts of the system."
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Sixteen Years Later: GNU Still Needs an Extension

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